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  1. hp-hobo

    Trip to Smyrna

    Good evening all. Just found out I'll be travelling to and staying in Smyrna for a Glock Advanced Armorers course next week. My permits allow me to carry in Georgia and I've familiarized myself with pertinent laws. My question to you is, are there any unwritten rules or secrets I need to...
  2. hp-hobo

    Anybody participate in the IDPA matches at Palmetto Gun Club?

    First I'd like to correct a mistake of mine that I just noticed. It's Palmetto Gun Club - PGC, not PGR. It's been my experience that the vast majority of IDPA people are the friendliest and most helpful folks you'll ever meet. Based on the folks that I know who shoot down there I'd have to...
  3. hp-hobo

    Renewal of CWP by disabled vet

    If your current CWP was issued to you as a disabled vet, you simply go to the online renewal section, answer a few questions (CWP number, SSAN and current address if memory serves) and boom, you've applied online. If you were not yet a disabled vet when you applied for you current CWP you...
  4. hp-hobo

    CWP holders in schools

    Little Tommy McElveen is a far left, liberal progressive, anti-gun douche. I can't believe that we as a constituency were stupid enough to vote him into office. But then between the gerrymandered district lines and the piss poor competition he had in the election (Tony Barwick? Really?) he...
  5. hp-hobo

    SC Restaurant Carry

    John, all that sounds very - Libertarian. I'm proud to have someone like you on our side even if all your "crazy talk" about government getting out of the way scares some people. . Link Removed
  6. hp-hobo

    South Carolina ranked 14th place...

    We need to do better! . "A Shall-Issue CCW state with no open carry allowed. South Carolina has no restrictions on MSRs, magazine capacity, or Class 3 weapon ownership. The state’s Stand Your Ground law was recently enacted. In addition, 42 percent of residents are gun owners, ranking South...
  7. hp-hobo

    IDPA matches around Horry County???

    There is no IDPA in the Horry county area that I'm aware of, or even closeby in South Carolina. Link Removed However, if you don't mind going north, you have three choices between 1 -1.5 hours away. Link Removed
  8. hp-hobo

    CC Friendly Restaurant/Meeting Place in/around Columbia

    Very. Bad. Information. Regardless of where MCRC holds their business meetings, Murray's most assuredly serves alcohol, unless they stopped in the last few months. Not likely. That's why I don't attend the MCRC business meetings. Columbia Sc Restaurants - Murray's Neighborhood Grill & Bar...
  9. hp-hobo

    H. 4494

    There has been a bill pre-filed for consideration in the South Carolina legislature that would remove the restriction on SC residents that prevents us from lawfully purchasing a long arm in states other than SC, NC and GA. This is only a small step forward in reclaiming our gun rights but it's...
  10. hp-hobo

    Non-Resident CCW

    ARTICLE 4. CONCEALED WEAPON PERMITS SECTION 23-31-205. Name. This article may be cited as the "Law Abiding Citizens Self-Defense Act of 1996". SECTION 23-31-210. Definitions. As used in this article: (1) "Resident" means an individual who is present in South Carolina with the intention of...
  11. hp-hobo

    SC car carry

    I'm sorry that I glanced right over the "info" provided to you by "Jim at Self Defence CWP". I would mention that he's a poor source for info, but I won't need to after you read the rest of this post. The citation provided to you is seriously incomplete. Let me give you more info that...
  12. hp-hobo

    Grass Roots Gun Rights' Board of Directors LOSES Law Suit!

    Stuffed Suits - Grass Roots Gun Rights' Board of Directors LOSES Law Suit! GrassRoots Gun Rights' board of directors has lost a lawsuit filed by Ed Looney and Ed Lown to bring the organization back into compliance with South Carolina state law governing their incorporation. The current...
  13. hp-hobo

    Georgian With Weapon in South Carolina?

    I'm no expert, but I'd say you need to beg in one hand and you know what in the other, then see which one fills up first. I seem to be able to come up with citations to support my answer. Can you? Link Removed Link Removed Link Removed
  14. hp-hobo

    Georgian With Weapon in South Carolina?

    I can answer that question... Or rather link you to something that can. Link Removed Link Removed
  15. hp-hobo

    Grassroots Gunrights: The Smoking Gun

    Stuffed Suits - Grassroots Gunrights: The Smoking Gun Something strange is afoot in the SC gun rights community! Grassroots SC, Inc. (also known as “Grassroots Gunrights”) is a well-known gun rights advocacy organization in South Carolina. For several years now, that organization has...
  16. hp-hobo

    H.3292/Viers Amendment Action Alert/Update

    Pretty much what I expected. You're unable to cite any specific items so instead of speaking to the facts, you just parrot what you've heard. No doubt from someone who wants you to be confused. No surprise there. So let's see if I can show you where what you think is not supported by the facts...
  17. hp-hobo

    What occurs when a concealed gun is accidentally seen?

    Well, no. Not quite. You may want to check a dictionary for the definition of brandish. To wave or flourish (a weapon, for example) menacingly. To display ostentatiously. In South Carolina, if your sidearm is accidentally exposed it is not brandishing and is not against the law. 23-31-210(6)...
  18. hp-hobo

    H.3292/Viers Amendment Action Alert/Update

    I can't help but wonder if "some people" think that GOA is also incorrect in their assessment of what's going on with H.3292. Gun Owners of America supports "Constitutional Carry" Viers Concealed Carry Bill: Less than Half a Loaf Citizens have an individual, fundamental right to keep...
  19. hp-hobo

    H.3292/Viers Amendment Action Alert/Update

    *** GrassRoots Action Alert *** H. 3292 Update March 6, 2011 This Action Alert might well be the most important Action Alert we have ever sent out. PLEASE read it carefully. Then, YOU NEED to TAKE ACTION. If YOU fail to read and take action, the future of YOUR gun rights will be put at...
  20. hp-hobo

    Right-to-Carry Reform Bill Introduced

    Tell ya what little fella. Show us all just one point of the GrassRoots analysis of the original bill or of the original Viers amendment that is incorrect. Note the operative word "original", not the amended amendment that Viers snuck in a week after the original without telling anyone. Oh...