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  1. BigBadAllis

    I don't get it

    Everyone has their opinions. In Michigan being a "Shall Issue State" it's scary how easy it is to obtain a CPL. A lot of people can pass the class quite easily, but that doesn't mean they can handle firearms safely. I think Open Carry sould also have to have some kind of permit or license...
  2. BigBadAllis

    CA nabs man with banned "assault rifle"

    Funny! With all of it's faults, I miss California. I lived in Woodland Hills, Long Beach, Marina Del Rey and Studio City. I miss the culture, the food, the climate and many other things. It's too bad that the state is in such a bad economy with other political challanges. I grew up in...
  3. BigBadAllis

    Super Tuck Concealed Holster

    Agreed! Call them. Thay are very nice people and will accomodate you if at all possible. Jason
  4. BigBadAllis

    Glock 22 Gen 4 Jamming

    Hello, I purchased a new Glock 22 Gen 4 yesterday. I have shot 210 rounds through it and it has "Stove Piped" (empty shell getting caught on ejection) 4 times. The dealer things that I might be buffering the kick with my arms/hands which reduces it's ability to conpletly kick out the shell...