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  1. charliej47

    Permit Tracking

    I was adding my permits and tried to add my training certificate and it would not let me. I kept getting the message "already added".:fie:
  2. charliej47

    Forgetting to take your weapon off

    :pleasantry: If I'm up, I'm armed. I find sometimes that I will get right up to the door of a clearly posted location and realize that I have to go back to my car and store my weapon. IF I'm occupied about something or am busy I have been known to walk right into a building:cray: before I...
  3. charliej47

    Religion and Self-Defense

    :wacko: As I have read the newspapers, magazines and the Net, listened to the TV and radio and it seems that today's judo-christian beliefs are more passive than anything else. I have had discussions with religious leaders and almost everyone of them state that having a weapon and defending...
  4. charliej47

    Open carried at Wal-Mart

    :biggrin:I had to go pickup some things at the local Wal-Mart on Tuesday the 15th. As I am walking in I see the greeter and we know each other. He asks me if I am carrying and I said yes. He was on my opposite side and did not see it. He asks me to wait while he checks on the store policy...
  5. charliej47

    Smokey Mtn park

    :unsure: I stopped at the Sugarland Information Center and it was posted with the Gun-Buster sign. I did not go in because I was unsure about the Federal Parks Law. You read and read and discuss and then get stumped because you do't carry a copy of the law. I was upset because of the sign so...
  6. charliej47

    OnlineSite for a from for Washington St.

    :biggrin: Link Removed :pleasantry:
  7. charliej47

    Ohio CCW

    :sarcastic: Link Removed :wacko:
  8. charliej47

    Open Carry

    I live in Middletown, Ohio and I OC about half the time. I have had numerous encounters with LEOs while carrying from getting gas to buying coffee. I have encountered them in gun shops and we have talked about different aspects of carrying and the type of weapons we each like. I have been...
  9. charliej47

    New Hampshire

    :pleasantry: After 5 months my Non-Residence New Hampshire License came on Saturday the 8th. I now have Ohio, PA and N.H. This should cover me for almost all of the states I would travel in.:biggrin:
  10. charliej47

    Ohio State Park Volunteers are being put at Risk

    The link Ohioans For Concealed Carry - The Premier Gun Rights Organization in Ohio Since 1999 - Home will take you to the Web page where you can read about the manager for the volunteer program has sent out a memo that volunteers may be charged with violating the law. I sent several emails to...
  11. charliej47

    Family Members

    :pleasantry: I got the wife, sister-in-law, brother-in-law, sister-in-law's dad, friend of wife and friend of friend of wife to take the ccw class and pass. Now they are all waiting or are in the process of getting their license for Ohio. :biggrin:
  12. charliej47

    LEO encounter in Ohio

    I posted on Ohio concealed about an encounter in Carlisle, Ohio. In more than 40 years of driving I have had the opportunity to speak to LEOs for different reasons. For most encounters there was poiliteness on both sides. I can only remember one incident where the LEO was a total bully and...
  13. charliej47

    Home Defense choice

    :pleasantry: I have seval handguns and a couple of shotguns. My question is for general nighttime protection which would be the best defensive weapon to use. I know about the laser lights and how intimadating it can be but when you are coming out of a sound sleep in the middle of the night and...