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  1. Oregon Vet

    The Greetings of the Season!

    . . To All My Democrat Friends: Please accept with no obligation, implied or implicit, my best wishes for an environmentally conscious, socially responsible, low-stress, non-addictive, gender-neutral celebration of the winter solstice holiday, practiced within the most enjoyable traditions of...
  2. Oregon Vet

    Osama Bin Laden

    I'm curious. How many of you reading this actually BELIEVE Bin Laden really is dead, that it isn't just more smoke and mirrors BS from the government? The body should have been produced, others than government allowed to verify it was really Bin Laden's body... so that people could get at...
  3. Oregon Vet

    Am I just paranoid?

    Game or hunting cameras Depends on what spendy means to you. Link Removed Cabelas has them for $100. Wal-Mart has them starting at $75. Search results for game camera - Walmart Search engines today are so easy to use, just type a sentence in one just like you would ask the question if...
  4. Oregon Vet

    Revolver or Semi-Automatic

    And I was reading a book the other day for enjoyment and a character in the book was cleaning his semi-automatic revolvers... Well, there ARE semi-automatic revolvers. Who would have known. Pretty cool. Link Removed It rotates the cylinder and cocks the hammer for you. All you have to do...
  5. Oregon Vet

    Armed robbery and packing a gun

    FRONTSIGHT's newletter e-mail included a video of what can happen if you can't protect yourself and packing a gun would have been much better. YouTube - Armed Robbery Gone Wrong Ken 071710 0600
  6. Oregon Vet

    Pilot with a CCW 'forgets' he is packing a loaded gun

    How many of you 'forget' you are packing a loaded gun? This is a left hand/right hand deal it seems. Probably he is a pilot who is allowed to have a gun in the cockpit when he is driving the plane. I am guessing he was probably flying somewhere else as a passenger and never thought about his...
  7. Oregon Vet

    Ut-oh, CCW holder plays cowboy. Oops.

    Another take on what happened at the phone store... This is a different take on it. Written a little different. Probably LUCKY for his cousin, his cousin also has a permit but wasn't packing his gun that day, there would probably been a couple more bullets buzzing around from his gun if he had...
  8. Oregon Vet

    Ut-oh, CCW holder plays cowboy. Oops.

    He should have NEVER pulled his gun. Should never do what he did. Wonder how bad that will make CCW people look? Ken 052710 1845 Link Removed Police: Witness to iPhone theft shoots at suspects, faces own arrest By Noelle Crombie, The Oregonian May 26, 2010, 1:00PM View full size...
  9. Oregon Vet

    TSA - You thought flying was bad before...

    I searched and didn't come up with "Erroll" or "Southers". Another BHO expert on people who have a gun or are Christians. Where does he find these whacko's? This guy is scary. He would probably list 100% of the users on this forum/board as terrorists. You, me, all of us. One minute 8...
  10. Oregon Vet

    USA Civil War before Spring comes? What are the odds?

    Tread already started in another forum, go to it. 1 Million troops, click on this link to go there.
  11. Oregon Vet

    Collecting money for charity and packing a gun...

    Where is the bucket? She is missing the bucket! Gun looks nice! Lots of guys would donate probably! :) LOL What kind of a rifle is that? I don't know.
  12. Oregon Vet

    Are YOU curious? I am.

    I'm curious. Is this a site a person should be paranoid about signing their name to what they say they believe? Are we REALLY that afraid. Are you? WHO are you afraid will see your real name? It is easy for the government to get our real names on these forums, so that CAN'T be the reason...
  13. Oregon Vet

    Collecting money for charity and packing a gun...

    I was reading another thread on here and there were some comments made about packing a gun/weapon while collecting money for charity. I've included some of the comments that were in that thread, and it does seem some on here DO think it would be good to be "armed" while collecting charity...
  14. Oregon Vet

    Some people are better than others...are you?

    Some people are better than putting up Christmas decorations! Are you? Link Removed He says: "Good news is that I truly out did myself this year with my Christmas decorations. The bad news is that I had to take him down after 2 days. I had more people come...
  15. Oregon Vet

    What a degenerate pervert!

    Are YOU a conservative? Uhhh, maybe not THAT kind... They know what they want it appears. I read their mission statement and a few things are all they are really after: We also believe that discriminating against those infected with HIV/AIDS from traveling to this country is wrong and an...
  16. Oregon Vet

    Just For Fun

    NO Photoshop involved in that score. After the test, that was my score. If you want to show YOUR score like that, just do a screen shot capture and save it as a .jpg file. Link Removed I just selected part of the screen when I was entering this answer and saved it as a .jpg and here it is...
  17. Oregon Vet

    Just For Fun

    And I tried so hard to get it perfect! Link Removed
  18. Oregon Vet

    Anyone looking forward to the RED DAWN remake?

    No way. Too many white people in the picture.
  19. Oregon Vet

    Have YOU ever been THIS tired?

    No offense... but you guys need to take a small break if the wife has you THAT tired all the time doing Honey DO's. That means you guys are starting to look as bad as I do all the time. ...and NO way do you want to look as tired and ugly as I am. I seem to average 2-3 hours of sleep and that...
  20. Oregon Vet

    Have YOU ever been THIS tired?

    Link Removed Link Removed Link Removed Link Removed Link Removed Link Removed Link Removed Link Removed Link Removed Link Removed Link Removed Link Removed IT DOESN'T MATTER HOW MANY PEOPLE YOU SEND THIS TO,REMEMBER, IF...