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    Michigan Coalition for Responsible Gun Owners Has Announced

    Michigan Coalition for Responsible Gun Owners Has Announced a Second Amendment March 20 March 2013 ~ ~ ~ For more information see MCRGO's Facebook Page at
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    Hunting with a handgun in MI

    "...A conventional (smokeless powder) handgun must be .35 caliber or larger and loaded with straight-walled cartridges and may be single- or multiple-shot but cannot exceed a maximum capacity of nine rounds in the barrel and magazine combined " I have been a hand gun hunter for years in...
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    Ignatius Piazza ,who is this guy ?

    Piazza is a "Chiropractor" by trade and had a training "Resort" vision ... I am a diamond member and believe me, it was not very expensive. (under$500) Yes I have done the 4 day defensive class a few times. Each time I learn something new .. If you look on E-Bay, you can find...
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    Michigan House Bill 6382

    Michigan House Bill 6382 introduced in Lansing to amend the Conceal Carry law. This proposed bill changes language from "a pistol" to "1 or more pistols". A VERY welcome proposal. Please...
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    Drug cartels seize 2 ranches in TX

    I went for a quick look around and found a interesting post: Link Removed
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    Say NO!!!

    This piece of "Work" came via a RSS feed and I am still P*6#!* O*^ At it.. Link Removed
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    one proud papa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Most Excellant! Nice Job dad... That foundation came from You! FYI: Link Removed
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    Pure Michigan

    The State of Michigan has spent Millions on a ad campaign called Pure Michigan.. A set of Parodies have got viral in recent days..: YouTube - Pure Michigan Parody - Detroit's Cass Tech Blvd
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    Obama Retreats From "Religious Freedom" to "Freedom of Worship"

    This story has been getting a bunch of attention today, Glenn Beck did a segment on it today, And another piece in: Link Removed We have got to remember to vote this fall and start to slow this ......... down.
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    Another victim of "gun control."

    This is not a coast tang but something else. Certainly gun control is a large part of the problem, but there are other forces as well. This out of Indy today.. Link Removed Link Removed
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    So very sad... Your right we need to start with the Politicians.. This last week Detroit's City Concil voted fairly large pay raises for their staff members... In some cases up to and over $8+/hour. Link Removed :fie:
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    Not there yet Well, Festus, Still have work to do... 50 Yard Outdoor range. Super Redhawk .44 Mag With a 2x Leupold Winchester 240 gr Jacketed Soft Point (32 rounds out of a box of 50) Link Removed
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    Puppy Scams

    I have to put in a little heads up on a puppy scam making the rounds, Again. Yorkie Puppy Scam Local newspapers are running ads for free puppies to go to good home. Sending the good Reverend an e-mail a reply will ask for your info.. Pure Phishing! Sometime the e-mails will have cute...
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    Mayor Daley lays out strict gun rules for Chicago

    I have no doubt that the city of Chicago is heading back to court with the restricktionas that Daley wants to pass. According to the Sun-Times.... Link Removed Daley has backed off of some requirements but wants to close all Firearm stores and start a prca list of approved firearms. I...
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    America Victory Shoot

    A quick Question to the Group..... This afternoon I recieved an E-Mail then a "RSS" link to America's Victory Shoot. The web site is unclear on where this "Event" is other than Web Site: Link Removed Does anybody know anything else about this?
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    From the NOAA site: Link Removed What that JJ guy forgot to mention is that the news of the out break of storms made a local TV station out of Detroit. I called JJ While He was standing out side listening for the sirens. Gee George, What are 'hem 'here cool clouds? JJ, I'm glad the family...
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    street gang thugs fire rocket at police station

    There has been 6 attaches there since the first of the year... Link Removed
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    Marlin Model 336C

    What is a 1987 Marlin 336C in 35Rem worth? It has been shot little and in a case for years. It has a Swift model 654 3-9x32 mounted. I have not had a chance to check this out and no idea how clean/dirty it is or the condition of the barrel. Thoughts?
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    R. Lee Ermey

    Dave Hardy and "Of Arms and The Law is reporting that R. Lee Ermey has died in "San Diego of complications from pneumonia." Of Arms and the Law: RIP, Gunny Sergeant OORAH, Gunny, Thank You for your service and Advise. Semper Fi
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    Seven year old girl accidentally shot by Police

    Back on May 16, 2010 during a police raid to capture a murderer, A Seven year old girl was critically injured when the girls mother grabbed the LEO's rifle and it went off killing the girl. Link Removed The link above is a chronological article of the events. The whole issue has made...