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    A gun free zone as a place of employment

    Well if it's Federal with very few exceptions you don't have a (legal) choice. As far as State and Municipal I don't understand the mindset of not carrying if you legally can. All common sense stuff aside like courtrooms and secure areas of Police Stations etc, if your in a state that doesn't...
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    Need advice on flying, should I bother? (NY)

    I've read enough horror stories on this subject but not sure on how to go about this one. I'm flying from VA to FL and that should go nice and smooth BUT on the way back thanks to horrible luck on the way back I got from FL to NY to VA. Now I've read how that can go wrong when people have to...
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    question on CCP from another State N.C.

    I used to think my home state of MA was bad, until I moved to VA and learned about MD's laws! I haven't followed up on it but there was a law on the table here in VA for the state police to NOT share firearms permit look up ability with any state that doesn't have reciprocity with us. Sent from...
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    Shoe Station doesn't allow guns

    Wrong, while I'm sure it won't work in NY because there's not enough people that will actual stand up for their rights, Where I am quite a few Bank branches, Restaurants, and Private Businesses have reversed publicaly and sometimes just quietly removed gunbuster signs after they received...
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    Alienware Cloaktuck vs Cloaktuck 2.0

    Has anybody here started with either an Alienware Cloaktuck OR an Old Faithful IWB and then got a 2.0 for the same gun? The other Alienware thread has me thinking of a Cloak 2.0 for either my Shield or my BG380 but I had an Old Faithful (same exact holster for those that don't know) and didn't...
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    carry In Mass

    Yes, you get a 60day pass on the LTC requirement BUT you most obtain MA residency (Drivers License) ASAP! The second you have your MA DL you must apply for the LTC. Regardless of what your told there is NO legal requirement to register the guns you already have. The guns must be locked up, and...
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    Concealed carry permit issue

    WOW, thought only MA pulled that crap! Sent from my Galaxy S4 using Tapatalk
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    Do you still conceal carry into posted "No Carry" businesses?

    Foil wrapped to tight? Link Removed
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    Do you still conceal carry into posted "No Carry" businesses?

    Getting caught is hypothetical. I could give a crap less about a dictionary definition of tresspass, My state doesnt base its laws on dictionary definitions. By LAW I'm not tresspassing until asked to leave and don't. Period the end. Sent from my Samsung Galaxy S4 using Tapatalk
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    online open carry petition

    Yes, but you already knew that from the attachment in your post. The problem in MA is that people don't do it very often and the cops don't know the law. People in MA typically don't have the balls to stand up for their rights like they do in other states. It's been suggested to GOAL on multiple...
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    Massachusetts CCW issues by town

    GOAL FAILS once again! This is why I'm no longer a member. You Do NOT need a letter from your Sherrif, that's only for VT Residents and people living in US Territories. Your FL Permit will suffice. You do NOT need to get yourself fingerprinted, the wonderful people in Chelsea will do that for...
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    What is Your Favorite Open Carry Holster?

    I'd never use a jacket as a holster, trigger wouldn't be safe. But to avoid hijacking this thread. The correct place to post your question is here Link Removed
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    True, too many people stop training after their NRA class. Look at how many innocent people the NYPD shoots every time their gun comes out of their holsters! But to be fair, somebody that's been going to the range for a year shooting with their eyes closed would probably hit less innocent...
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    Must be doing it wrong, this is not comfortable

    An M&Pc should conceal pretty comfortably, make no mistake you WILL wind up with a drawer of holsters as we all do. My first was also a SuperTuck, which was great but I could always feel the butt of the gun pressing against me at certain angles. I then went with a Kholster Crescent which was...
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    For you Vermont residents

    No surprise it's Rutland, their known to be anti, I can see them stopping him to talk to him quickly if there were actually a report of shots fired in the area but handcuffing him and throwing him in the back of a cruiser? c'mon. I hate the inconsistancies in different cities and towns. It's...
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    APEX Duty/Carry kit for J-Frames

    Anybody install one of these? After trying out one of those "Gunsmoke Wyatt Deep Cover" edition J-Frame's, now I want to clean up the trigger on my 642 and was going to just order the Wilson Combat or Wolf Spring kit for them but noticed that Apex has a kit as well, with all the reviews on their...
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    Just got a Glock 36 "Slimline"

    Just picked up a Glock 36 in a trade, if anybody is in the market for a sub-compact (arguable) .45 I'd check one out. When I got it I wasn't even aware that the G36's had the slimline frame, that little difference is VERY noticeable! I honestly got it just to "trade up" and use it in my next...
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    Nh law and personal insight

    NH has a SYG law in effect, but regardless of that, never shoot unless you have absolutely NO other option! Familiarize yourself with the law SB 0088 You can do whatever you like, but I'd just be tasteful with where you make that switch. That most likely won't happen, I've gotten some...
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    Does this look like Horsehide?

    I picked up a G36 last night in a trade and it came with an Old Faithful IWB, I've had 3 other O.F. IWB's and typically they use very thick, very soft leather. This holster however is completely different. It's MUCH thinner than the others I've had and seems almost flimsy. I though at first that...
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    Carrying a SP101 in hot weather

    Anybody carrying a SP101 (2.25") in the hot weather under light clothes? I've got a PF9 that hides VERY well but would like to carry my 101 more. Just got it this year but during the cooler months so it wasn't an issue. I put the Hogue grip on it and while it's awesome in the hand hurts a little...