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    Gun Violence

    How can Eric Holder be on the cabinet to curb gun violence
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    The Daily Rundown with Chuck Todd

    Mr Todd just stated that the Aurora Co shooter was able to by pass the federal background check by buying his ammo online Ive never had a background check when buying ammo has anyone????
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    Just heard Bloomberg say you can buy a firearm on the internet with no background check I wonder why he left out that you can't receive it until that background check is done by a ffl dealer how long do we have to deal with half truths? If a person buys 700 guns online and can't get possession...
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    Hr 822

    Hey when does HR 822 go into effect
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    OK Im sure someone should get shot but who?
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    AR Question

    I know you can go from 223 to 22 but can you go the oposite way or can you go to 7.62 if your shooting 223
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    You have one shot to save your life at 100yds

    What caliber do you use .308 or 7.62x39
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    What caliber do you use to hunt with ? and what's its maximum effective range