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    More Crap from CNN

    Just listening to America Now with Andy Dean. I would highly recommend you google his name and listen to some of his radio shows. Very good discussion and progun. He played some clips from CNN from this morning with Solidad O'Brien. She basically is saying that most gun violence comes from...
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    Dianne Feinstein and Harry Reid and their CC - Please share with others!

    Just more examples of the hypocrisy. I guess my life is less important than theirs. They make me want to puke. Turns out both Harry Reid and Diane Feinstein have carried guns for their protection » The Right Scoop -
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    Just Got Off the Phone with the NRA - ILA

    I am a NRA member and looking to buy a membership for my 12 and 15 year old. I wanted to get a sense for why they have been so tight lipped up to this point before I added my sons. I was on hold for about 15 minutes and finally reached a guy names William. All he would say is they haven't...
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    Bellyband Question

    Although I use SmartCarry and a Dale Fricke Archangel for AIWB, I am also thinking of a bellyband just to have a change periodically. I have the one sold from Lenny over at Glockstore but found that it would make me sweat (I wear a tee shirt, holster, and a cover shirt) and that sweat actually...
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    Interesting Holster Combination

    In the never ending search for the "perfect" holster set up FOR ME, I did something interesting today. I like IWB carry because I have to conceal here in NY and I like the feel of the gun tight and secure against my body. I do have a couple of OWB's that I have accumulated over the last 6...
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    Do You Carry While At Home?

    Just curious, how many of you actually carry your firearm when you are in your home? Eventhough I live in a quiet suburban neighborhood, I still always want to be prepared g-d forbid something ever happens. Am I unusual or do others do the same?
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    Smart Carry Thoughts So Far

    Been wearing my Smart Carry for a few days and this has been my experience so far. I carry a Glock G26 Gen4 and I am a lefty. 5'5" 144 lbs (good shape no stomach to speak of). I have tried Thunderwear recently but did not like the fact that the gun would actually get moisture on it. Sometimes...
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    Target Focus Training

    I receive Front Site emails and have received a few about a home training package by Tim Larkin and Target Focus Training. The videos I have watched seem to have very good info and I am considering purchasing them. Does anyone have any experience with Mr. Larkins products? Not looking for...
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    Concealed Carry for a Lefty

    Lefty here too. Love my Fusionpac by Tactipac Link Removed. I am hanging out at home (almost a foot of snow outside here in NY) with my Glock 26 in it and it is incredibly comfy!
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    Tactipac Fusionpac

    I received the holster earlier today. I have had it on for about 5 hours so far. Presently in gym shorts and a sweatshirt hanging out at home. This is as close to feeling like I am not carrying a gun as I have ever experienced. It is amazing how taking the weight of the gun off the pants and...
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    Defensive round for Glock 26

    I use Speer Gold Dot 124gr JHP +P for my Gen4 G26. Check out Link Removed. The report is called "Best Choices for Self Defense Ammo". Good info for many different calibers.
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    Does it Make Sense to Get a .22 Pistol?

    I carry a Glock 26. Shoot a couple times a month at a range and dry fire with the laser bullet at home. Besides cheaper ammo (more practice), is there any other reason why I should consider getting a Walther P22 also? I'm not sure if I should just shoot what I carry or would also shooting...
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    Carry a Knife?

    I carry a Glock 26 here in upstate NY. I have read some different opinions here and there pertaining to carrying a knife. I wanted some of your opinions on this site. I really don't have much of a need regarding everyday use for a knife. Maybe the periodic open a box thing, but not much...
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    G26 Holster Question

    I would like opinions about the following holsters for my Gen4 G26: Comp-tac Infidel, Comp-tac CTAC, and the Bladetech UCH. Please don't tell me about your Crossbreed, Milt Sparks, MTAC, etc. Just advice on the three previously mentioned. Also, is there an advantage of having 2 clips spread out...
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    Insurance Question

    Just curious how many of you have insurance specifically for concealed carry situations. If so what type? I know there is Self Defense Shield(USCCA), CHLPP, the NRA's, MMD, and the ACLDN just to name a few. I keep going back and forth on the idea of coverage but haven't pulled the trigger...
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    IWB Holster Question

    I was wondering the comfort of two types of IWB holsters for those that have tried both. First, hybrid types with leather and kydex such as CBSTD or Theis holsters vs the kydex only such as theJS Tuckable or the Kytac Braveheart. I have to tuck at work. There are other kydex only co's out...
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    How Many Holsters Do You Own?

    I just bought a DeSantis Belly Band for times where I hike or walk in shorts with no belt, and a tank or tee shirt. I also have 2 IWB's (CBSTD and Theis)(probably going to sell the CB), 3 OWB's (X-Concealment, RM's ECP, and DeSantis Mini Slide), and an Amish Appendix holster I bought when I...
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    First Time Pulled Over While Carrying

    I was pulled over yesterday by a NY State Trooper for a brake light that was out. After the officer told me why he stopped me, I informed him (with hands at 10 and 2) that I was a licensed concealed carry permit holder and I was in fact carrying. He asked me where it was and I told him on my...
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    Dry Fire Practice

    Just wondering how you folks dry fire practice. What specifically do you work on and how do you do it? I just received my permit and besides joining a range, would like to practice at home to become more proficient.
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    Question about the Magic Bullet Laser

    I was wondering if anyone has any experience with the Magic Bullet Laser. It allows you to dry fire with checking accuracy by seeing a laser dot with each shot. You can also purchase a replacement trigger for training so you don't have to rack the slide after each shot so as to simulate as...