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    Illinois Senator

    As usual, politicians get to follow a different set of rules as compared to the rest of us. Ranging from pensions to healthcare to firearms. Illinois Senate Donne trotter who has voted against concealed carry in Illinois is caught with a handgun in his carry on luggage. To top it off, its not...
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    assailant suffers injuries due to fall

    ;) I could not pass this article up. The article is attached as a picture.
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    what do you think of "hi-point" hand guns
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    Illinois transportation of firearm on your person.

    First of all, I know it is legal in Illinois to transport a firearm on your person as long as it is unloaded and in a case. I believe it has been refer to as 6 seconds to safety here. What I am fuzzy on is, can you transport on private property? Here is the scenario, my father is a plummer...