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    Carring long gun in vehicle

    I will be visiting Indiana later this year. I would like to take a shotgun or ar with me like I do most places. Is there a special way it must be stored carried etc? Will be primarly in Indianapolis area.
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    North Carolina state police phone call .

    Just got off the phone with a NC state police captain. I was asking about bringing in a long gun into nc for a trip. I keep a shotgun in my truck for protection and it stays concealed while here in sc and was wandering if it would be ok like that in nc since I have my cwp. He said it would, and...
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    What flashlight and how do you carry it?

    Just wandering what flashlight everyone is carrying and how or where there carrying it. Does any one make a belt holder for it. I'm carrying a Surefire E2D Executive Defender in my right back pocket. Only proble is it is slow to draw and my gun is also on my right side. looking for solutions...
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    Trip to North Carolina

    Alright guys think I got this figured out. I'm coming up to NC next week to go to the biltmore house since you can't carry were admission is paid that constitutes the biltmore house. correct? Also whats the carry law fir signs up there and for restraunts that serve alcohol? Thanks.
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    Question about sign

    First off I'm new here realy like the forum and how much information is here. I have two questions. First does anyone know if the sign for no concealed weapons in front of columbiana grande theaters is the correct sign? At first I thought it wasn't but know not so sure that I think about it...