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    Why the difference in state reciprocity from TX res vs. non-red LTC

    I recently obtained a TX LTC (as a resident), but noticed that the number of states having reciprocity with TX is different than if you have a non-resident TX LTC. CO, FL, MI, and SC all drop off the reciprocity list. Anyone know why there is a difference? I would think it would be the same...
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    What is the best IWB Holster?

    I use the Galco inside the pant holster that has the additional magazine pouch along the front edge. Link Removed
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    IWB holster question

    I have tried several types of holsters (cross draw, OWB, IWB, shoulder hoster, fanny pack) and use for my everyday concealed carry the Galco Walkabout Inside the Pant Holster for my Glock 27 and my Kimber .45 ACP Stainless Ultra TLE II. Both have an additional mag pouch. Soft suede exterior...