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    No-Guns Sign at Camping World in Chattanooga

    I went to Camping World in Chattanooga to get an estimate on my 5th wheel after a tree jumped into it. I did not see the copied gun buster sign on the door the first day. The next day I went back to pick up the body shop estimate and there it was. I got the estimate after going back to my truck...
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    Employee pulls gun during Wal-Mart produce dispute

    FORT OGLETHORPE, GA. ( A Wal-Mart employee is arrested after pulling a gun during an altercation at the Fort Oglethorpe location Sunday. Police say 63-year-old Luther Lawson is on medical-leave from the store and thought he was over-charged while trying to purchase tomatoes. When...
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    New TN Hcp and Wally Walk

    My TN HCP was in the mail today. Only took 22 days to process. I also did the Wally World Walk today. It feels good to feel protected since there has been 26 shootings in Chattanooga in the past 30 days. Took the SR9c and bought a Bianchi Pancake for the stroll.