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    tricked out xd .45

    a friend of mine have bought a few custom XD's from this guy... they shoot great... Link Removed
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    What gun do you take camping?

    dont forget the pepper spray and to wear bells... Link Removed
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    Need a reason to call your reps?

    tell them to support HB7 and SB27... Atty. general: Illinois should release FOID card list - Chicago Breaking News SPRINGFIELD -- Illinois State Police stood their ground today after the state's attorney general determined the agency must disclose the names of people authorized to own guns...
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    Dog in the hospital

    i'm sorry to hear Luke... hold the other 2 a little tighter now... feels like loosing a child...Link Removed
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    BREAKING: Court Tosses Emanuel Off Ballot

    BREAKING: Court Tosses Emanuel Off Ballot « CBS Chicago CHICAGO (CBS) – The Illinois Appellate Court has tossed mayoral frontrunner Rahm Emanuel off the ballot, reversing the decision of a lower court. The Appellate Court reached a 2-1 decision to remove Emanuel. Appellate judges Thomas...
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    HUNDREDS OF RIDERS WITH US FLAGS Escort Cody Alicea to School Today

    Many of you heard the story about Cody Alicea and the School Board telling him he had to take his American Flag off his bike. Well here is an update of what happened when young Cody went to school this A.M. Hundreds of American Legion Riders and fellow patriots escorted Cody Alicea to Denair...
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    Illinois residents can open carry in Michigan...

    I was sent a exert on new MI open carry laws in which rule 1 meets the technical qualification of our FOID card, but i wanted a direct quote from the state police. So i sent out this e-mail. The response i received today... So with the FOID card we can open carry in Michigan. No automobile...
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    Illinois Soldiers Wait for Ballots. Prisoners Get Hand Delivery.

    Illinois Soldiers Wait for Ballots. Prisoners Get Hand Delivery. Over 35 counties in Illinois missed the deadline to mail military ballots to our soldiers defending America. But in Chicago, county election officials have taken special steps to ensure that no inmates at the Cook County Jail are...
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    Cook County Sheriff raid wrong house...

    Elderly couple says they were terrorized by drug raid - Chicago Breaking News From the Chicago Tribune Elderly couple says they were terrorized by drug raid An elderly couple says Cook County sheriff's police on a drug raid smashed into their Southwest Side house late Thursday night...
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    Right To Carry Town Hall meeting in Chicago

    i said i would pass this info on... from RIGHT TO CARRY TOWN HALL MEETING Guns, Self Defense and the Right to Carry “An Overdue Conversation in the State of Illinois” Wed. October 27, 2010 7:00pm – 9:00pm Fidelity Investigative Training Academy 4224 West...
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    ISRA boycott...

    yea boycott's really work... but an interesting read... was sent to my by a friend... news letter sent out to all ISRA members (Illinois State Rifle Association)
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    Rahm Emanuel running for Chicago Mayor

    so whats everyones thoughts on this little bit of horrible news for Chicago...