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    Buffalo Niagara

    Just want to spread how smooth checking my firearm was. Like always the girls at the counter tried to make me use the kiosk. So then those words you don't want to have to say out loud come. They didn't bat an eye. Asked if it was unloaded and said here sign this and put it in the case...
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    New to Pistol Permits/CCW Active Duty Army

    Take your ID card and PCS orders to a local shop buy what you want and take it home. (If your living on base find out what you have to do as far as storage.) Call the sheriff's office and tell them your on active duty and will be coming back to New York. Ask if they will mail you the app...
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    Car Carry

    I may be in Nevada next week and was wandering what the rules are as far as the guns in the car? I know I can open carry, but can I have the gun on me or does it have to be in the glove box or something like that? Thanks for the help.
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    How long does the mail take?

    I called today 10/15 and they told me my permit was issued today. Does anyone know how long it takes them to get it in the mail?