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    "Reason" for Non-Res LTC-A ALP/ Rest: None

    Massachusetts used to issue Class-A non-res non restricted permits seemingly regularly if that was the way the home state permit stood. If you go through the latest revision of the MA non-resident app, they have further restricted permits. Word is they are now only issuing restricted ones rather...
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    SAF Sues Maryland over "good and substantial" clause

    Link Removed BELLEVUE, WA – The Second Amendment Foundation and a Baltimore County, MD man today sued Maryland authorities in federal court because the man’s handgun permit renewal was turned down on the grounds that he could not demonstrate “a reasonable precaution against apprehended danger.”...
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    Non-resident permit

    Interesting. Chester County's Sheriff's page says the following: License to carry a firearm will be issued to Chester County residents only, WITH THE EXCEPTION OF: out of state sworn police officers with proper identification. Link Removed Is that legal?
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    Non resident permit restrictions

    Ok, it looks like I may finally be able to get a permit in Maryland. The State Police indicated my application will past muster but I am not counting the chickens before they hatch. However, my permit will undoubtedly have a restriction on it limiting its use to when I am transporting my...
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    Louisiana no longer recognizes FL non-resident permits

    Louisiana no longer recognizes FL non-resident permits :angry: Doc added***FL permits no longer honored in's official. - Forums
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    North Dakota now recognizes VA

    Just got an e-mail from VCDL that North Dakota has reciprocity with Virginia now. :yu:
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    Non-Resident Waiting Time

    They removed the witness business. Use the NRA Basic Pistol Course certificate if you took it.
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    Delaware now recognizes VA permits

    'nuff said. Concealed Deadly Weapons Reciprocity
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    Heading to Dewey Beach this weekend

    I'm going to Dewey Beach this weekend and was trying to get a hold on the laws of Delaware regarding CCW. I have a Florida non-res permit (I'm from the People's Republic of Maryland) so I know I am that much legal! From what I can tell, I cannot carry in: Federal buildings (obviously)...
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    Just received the CT non-res application; help

    I received my application for the non resident LTC. Got a question because there is some conflicting info on here. On the white index card size DPS-46-C Application for State Permit to Carry Pistols & Revolvers, it has a spot for "Local Permit From." Does that mean where my out of state permits...