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    Why Does the National Weather Service Need Ammo?!

    Link Removed 46k rounds of ammo? 16k of which is JHP? Are their forecasts so bad that they feel the need to arm themselves?
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    Things that make you go "Hmmmm"

    DHS just ordered 450 MILLION rounds of .40 S&W. They must be preppers, or worse - terrorists (by their own definition).
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    There's really nothin' that feels as good as a freshly cleaned/oiled firearm and running through your battery of functionality tests. Somethin' about the feel of well-machined steel and the smell of gun oil... It's almost a shame to have to put the guns back into the gun safe...
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    OC'ers are nutty

    You should wrap your head in something that's strong, yet elastic enough to contain the debris when your head explodes... I rode a Harley for 20 years (for ten of those, it was my only form of transportation), and I want to open carry. Now, regarding the Harley attitude of which you speak, I...
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    New Inspirational Poster

    I created this poster this morning to serve as a wallpaper image on my computer. I put it on my webpage to make it easily downloadable: Link Removed You can download the full-sized version (1980x1050) here: Link Removed
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    Here's you gun grab....

    I was referring to the "element of surprise" as it applies to concealed carry, not general warfare principles.
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    I'm a Windows software developer by trade, and I've been working on software software since about September that helps you select camouflage colors (Duracoat, CeraKoat, etc) to paint your gear. It's absolutely free to use, and I thought some of you might find a use for it. I just released v2...
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    Thinking on getting the M&P 15 sport any feedback would be appreciated-

    I have a M&P15 MOE as well. It's been a great rifle. The "Sport" looks like a standard MilSpec AR. With the exception of the hand guard, it's pretty much the same as a MOE, so you should expect great performance and reliability from it. Here's mine: Link Removed Mines been modified a little...