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    Discount codes for SWFA scopes.

    Hey everyone, is running a promotion on Facebook to get "Likes" on their new page. They announced it on snipers hide forums and are giving some pretty nice discount codes out as they reach different levels of likes. The big goal is 10,000 likes and that gets about a 700 dollar discount...
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    It takes a real piece of crap to do this.

    Link Removed Charlotte NC.
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    I love guns

    I have guns because I can. I love guns. I like looking at guns, holding guns, shooting guns, cleaning guns, and talking about guns. I love the smell of gun oil. I love the smell of gun powder in the morning at a shooting match. I love looking at fine wood work and engraving on fine firearms...
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    Looking for people to shoot with

    I'm looking for people in the Charlotte,Concord,Kannapolis area to shoot with that are interested in doing defensive CQB, and IDPA type drills and practice with pistols and carbines.
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    Looking for people to shoot with

    I'm looking for people in the Charlotte/Concord/Kannapolis area to shoot with, preferably people interested in pistol/carbine drills, like IDPA and defensive drills.
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    Crossbreed Qwikclip, awesome!

    Well I'm just posting to say that I've had my Qwikclip for a few weeks now and it is a truly great holster. I carry a G27, appendix carry, and it is comfortable and conceals great. It works awesome with a tucked Polo or button up shirt and even better with a loose, untucked shirt. I'm going to...
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    New Glock 27

    Well I picked up my new Glock 27 from Eagle guns here in Concord today. This is the first Glock I've owned, I've shot two or three others. I was always impressed with the ones I've shot in the past and got a great deal on this one with night sights installed. I start my CCW class tomorrow night...
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    Defense loads and the law

    Hi, I'm new to CC, will be taking my class next week. Anyway I have heard many different claims about the laws concerning shootings in self defense and prosecution efforts regarding chosen calibers, gun type, and ammunition. I will be asking these same questions in my ccp class but wanted to get...