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    "wanding" at the theatre

    Night started out good. got done with work early, took a nap lol got showered and dressed then made my way down to the AMC THEATRE at THE WATERFRONT for the sneak preview of "Book of Eli". The previews on tv looked good so I was looking forward to seeing this. Met some friends that were already...
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    PA. Castle Doctrine/Stand your ground

    Hello All, I'm new here, just posted this same topic last night but it has not posted yet so I'm assuming I did something wrong. So here goes again....... On USACARRY's Concealed firearm permit information by state page under Pennsylvania it states :Deadly Force / Castle Doctrine...
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    Castle Doctrine/Stand your ground in PA

    Hello all, new here, hope everyone is well. Ok to the point, I read on the info page for Pennsylvania it states Pa is a CASTLE DOCTRINE/STAND YOUR GROUND STATE. THIS IS INCORRECT! According to the "Pennsylvania General Assembly web page: Regular Session 2009-2010 Senate Bill 842 Text...