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    What are the odds

    :biggrin: What are the odds you will ever use your carry weapon when you are out and about in a self defense situation compared to like winning the power ball?.
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    Hi I found a Glock 37 on sale for 425.00 new is that a good price? And can I get some opinions on the gap is it worth having, I am a 45 ACP guy and the size of the glock gap frame intrigues me, but not real sure about the gap. thanks all
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    Wilson combat holster

    Hello Any one out there that carries in a wilson combat LO-PROFILE sharkskin holster? If so what is your opinion on this holster? Thanks
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    Speaking of holsters

    Does anyone know any thing about the Combat Wilson LO-PROFILE Sharkskin holsters? THANKS
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    Leather or kydex

    hi I was wondering what most who carry prefer Leather holster or a kydex holster and Why?
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    Carry Weapon

    Hello I would like to know what everyones standard may be for their gun. Speaking mostly for 1911's ( how many rds do you feel you should put down range from your 1911 before you make it a carry piece?) I just got a new Springfield TRP and put a 180 rds down range it shot so accurate/smooth and...
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    Who Carries A 1911 As Your Self Defense Gun

    Hello I was curious as to how many of carry a 1911 for your SD gun. And also if you know of any law enforcement/Military that carry 1911's or where I could maybe find info on that please let me know.? Thanks I'm happy to see that a lot of people still carry a 1911 for SD. There is so much...
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    Hi What Would be advantages and or disadvantages to using a 10mm for your carry gun? Instead of like 9mm,40,or 45acp.
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    Hello I am sure questions like this have been asked but humor me anyway. If you had a choice to carry only a glock and you had your choice between 45acp or 40 cal which glock would you choose and why? thanks Lets add alittle to this 10mm,45acp,40cal or 357 for self defense. I now carry 45acp...