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  1. Alaskan

    SEARS fires Alaskan for conceal and carry

    Malory Burns Assistant General Counsel, Labor and Employment Law Sears Holdings Management Corporation Law Department 3333 Beverly Road - B6-377B Hoffman Estates, Illinois 60174 Telephone 847-286-3389 Dear Ms. Burns: On 5 August 2008 our client, R. L. I., was working with a customer...
  2. Alaskan

    KATRINA Victims that had Guns taken/stolen by Gov.

    I can't see how those poor people gave up their guns! They were stuck in what used to be their home that Katrina turned into a swimming pool. Then People in Government uniforms come by not to offer help or food and water, but to take their guns like they were CRIMINALS. They had NOTHING to lose...