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    Shipping guns on vacation

    I will be heading to the Kentucky-Indiana area for a week. I am considering shipping my extra weapon to my hotel via UPS or Fed-ex. Has anyone done this? I don't see any complications unless it get's lost. If it gets lost it will be insured correct? Ideas?
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    Ready to give good cause

    I have written a very rough draft for good cause for Riverside county california. I would like those in the know to look at it and critique it and then I will rewrite it and go for another Critique. I don't know how it is supposed to read. I would appreciate any help I can get. I hate to do...
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    applying for Ca,ccw in Riverside co. Help?

    I will be submitting my application in January. Riverside county has been known as a almost impossible place to get a ccw. Is there a member that could take a look at my good cause statement and give me some pointers? I have heard that the county has loosened their good cause criteria. Any help...
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    Is a C&R FFL helpful?

    I Have a C&R FFL and live in Riverside county california. I should have my Certificate of eligability from the state any day now. Does any of this have any bearing in the Riverside county process of getting a CCW? I know it is next to impossible to get one in this county and am looking for any...
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    Cal good cause

    I live in Riverside county and would love to know if there is a statement of good cause. I sometimes work late at night in not so good neighborhoods and I travel some fairly deserted roads out in the open desert where cell service isn't available. My home backs up to another cities...
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    Will Nevada honor Utah ccw in the future?

    I have a Utah ccw and understand that Nevada is no longer recognizing it. Is there any info floating around that Nevada will go back to honoring Utah? Or do I suck it up and Pay the price to obtain a Nevada permit? I believe thier decision is based only on financial concerns and nothing else. I...