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  1. aacx22

    Bye for now

    I figure I won't have the time to do this later since I'm mobilizing next week. I'm not sure what sort of time I'll have when I'm in country... so thanks for the chats. :) Best to everyone, whether we got along or not. Depending on how things go, maybe I'll be back in a month or so... if not...
  2. aacx22


    Enlisted Information Dominance Warfare Specialist for you non-Navy types. Just passed my test and board. I'm pretty stoked! Not bad for a Reservist! :) 2 more months and I'm on my way to Qatar too... shaping up to be a busy year.
  3. aacx22

    Here's your holy war. Iraqi immigrant gunned down in Texas.

    Ahmed Al-Jumaili gunned down in TExas while taking pictures of his first snowfall | Daily Mail Online So what's your take... From some "Christian" peeps posts here, this is probably a good thing. To me, this is murder, and probably a hate crime. Sucks that it happened in my home state too. :(
  4. aacx22

    My talented and efficient son...

    ... shows me that just one bite is sufficient for a PB&J sandwich.
  5. aacx22

    How was your halloween?

    We had a good time. I got home from work around 630, then we packed up my 11mo and 3yr olds and went to my sisters house. We trick or treated first to beat the rain and then ate some mac n cheese and ham, then just hung out with my sis and her family. My older boy enjoyed Halloween for the...
  6. aacx22

    What it would take for me to support no knock raids

    First, any law that makes it a crime to resist, attack, harm, or kill a police officer, would be not applicable during the no knock raid, due to it being unreasonable to assume that the person realized it was police. It should really be a "last resort" type of thing, not something that's done...
  7. aacx22

    3" barrel Armscor M206

    I was looking at California's "safe" gun roster and came across this: M206 Revolver / Steel Revolver 3" .38 Spl 6/19/2015 I have not seen a 3" .38 on their website though. Anyone heard of or seen this? Maybe it's just a typo?
  8. aacx22

    tips on form and posture

    Hi guys. My brother and I have been periodically talking to my sister for a few months and taken her shooting a few times. She has enjoyed shooting .22s but does not like shooting 9mm because she says it hurts her shoulder. Can you please direct me to a good resource for tips on form and posture?
  9. aacx22

    New snubby (Armscor M206)

    I wanted a snub revolver, but didn't have much to spend... after reading some reviews, I decided to go for an Armscor M206 .38sp. The reviews said you'd get a rough finish and they weren't lying. There was some gunk on it, so I asked the shop to clean it up a bit, and they did a nice job. It's...
  10. aacx22

    .22LR in Inland Empire (Norco)

    I just got this in my email from Norco Armory. Posting in case its helpful. :) Link Removed Norco Armory | Gun Shop Norco, CA | New & Used Guns, Gunsmithing, Accessories, Ammo Norco Armory 1950 S. Fourwheel Dr. Suite B Norco, CA 92860 (951) 321-9830 [email protected]
  11. aacx22

    budget gun for the recoil shy

    I've been talking on and off with my sister about getting a firearm. She wants to do it, but she really didn't like the recoil on my brother's P226. Her budget is low right now, so she'll be using a credit card. So my experience is limited to .22 and 9mm. I've rented and fired full sized and...
  12. aacx22

    News calls 7 guns an arsenal

    I guess you can really tell when someone isn't an owner at all... To me, that sounds like a pretty small collection. Just for the heck of it I thought up as many of my hand tools as I could come up with and here's my list: Hammer Mallet Phillips screwdriver (lg, med, sm) Flat screwdriver (lg...
  13. aacx22

    Loaded Magazines

    Is there a rule of thumb on how long to keep a magazine loaded, before unloading/reloading for a HD handgun in your safe?
  14. aacx22

    I know who you all don't like, but who do you like...

    Who do you all think should run for President, and what about them makes them the most qualified in your book? I don't have anyone in mind yet, personally.
  15. aacx22

    Least expensive .38 revolvers in California

    I don't have a budget for one, but I'd like to get a 2" .38. I have been looking for used, but typically still looking at $400 and up. I'm really hoping to spend half that. What do you guys think of the Armscor M206? Is there anything else I should be looking at with my miniscual budget?