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  1. agentduder

    upcoming trip

    i live in south carolina and i am planning an upcoming trip to wy on march 6th. it will be my wife, two kids and myself taking a six day drive across the state and back. this trip wont be the usual tourist trip...not our style just a lot of driving and looking at pretty places....anything...
  2. agentduder


    I just ordered a Super Tuck Deluxe.....see how long it take to get here....Want it
  3. agentduder

    Sensitive Question

    I spend a good portion of my day listening to talk radio. It doesn’t do a whole lot of good for my blood pressure however on some dark level I do enjoy listening to people fight about which side is right and wrong and which politicians are idiots and which ones are the good guys. The key I think...
  4. agentduder

    Sig Sauer MAgs

    I bought a set of the coupled together sig sauer 5.56 magazines for my AR. I assumed they would work because sig says that any AR magazine will work in the sig 5.56. I know what happens when you assume…..The mag would jam every 3 rounds or so….I put in a mil spec mag and it feed flawlessly…The...