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  1. repeal17thamendment

    I just watched "There goes the neighborhood"

    My wife of course loves every "reality" show they can devise (big brother, biggest loser, and on and on), and I watched most of "there goes the neighborhood" with her tonight. This show is creepy. If you haven't seen it, it has every characteristic of a neighborhood that has either been...
  2. repeal17thamendment

    Good GRIEF what do we have to do to help Gilman Boynton get his guns back?

    OK I just found this news story about what the BATFE is continuing to do to Gilman Boynton. Link Removed They're only holding his guns because they know he's too poor to afford an attorney :mad::mad: Keeping them in a safe would satisfy the unconstitutional issue with U.S. codes and his felon...
  3. repeal17thamendment

    OK, people give me grief for the "bulge" when I carry concealed

    I frankly don't have the stones to carry openly, and people give me so much grief for the "bulge" by my hip when I carry concealed and holstered, that I've concluded that MY way of carrying openly is to "bulge" carry (I just coined that phrase). I think there are benefits and downsides to...