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  1. Wardey

    Holstered Weapon : Traveling / Vehicle Carry?

    I know my CCW license reciprocates with other States. I have read the rules for each State I am traveling in. My question is: Take VA for instance. For vehicle carry, you must have the handgun in a closed compartment? So do you have to un-holster your weapon and place it in the glove box while...
  2. Wardey

    Sig P220 Carry -v- Kimber Ultra Carry II .45

    Trying to decide on which one. I have a couple of Para's but are really "fat" to conceal carry and have a Kahr P40 but just do not care for the Kahr. What are your choices on .45 cal Conceal Carry's? Dave
  3. Wardey

    USMC Parris Island : Gun in Vehicle?

    Good morning all, My son is graduating USMC BC in Parris Island. I have a CCP for the State of Florida and realize the it does not reciprocate to SC. My question is : What are the rules for bringing a handgun on base if it is locked in a motorhome? Thanks, Dave