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  1. Glocknut78

    glock 23 vs glock 30s

    Thoughts on both going to local range to shoot both in a few weeks any thing to watch for or helpful tips would be great thank you for your time
  2. Glocknut78

    need help 9mm or 40

    I carry a glock 19 daily but was looking at the 23 (40 cal) I see 40 blowing up so was wondering if 40 was any better then 9mm not looking for a caliber war thanks in advance for your info
  3. Glocknut78

    looking to get a 380 revolver

    Was thinking about getting a 380 wheel gun any thoughts or suggestions on what to get or what not to get I know what feels good to me is different for others just looking for others input
  4. Glocknut78

    iwb holster for Bersa thunder .380

    My wife has a Bersa thunder that she carries in her purse but she wants a iwb appendix holster I can't seem to find any can someone help me?