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  1. bronco

    which .22 revolver

    I'm looking at buying a light weight .22 and have narrowed it down to the S&W 317 kit gun airweight, Ruger LCR, and the Taurus 94. The S&W is the lightest, followed by the Ruger and the Taurus, given the prices I saw, I don't think the Smith's two ounces is worth the $200 it cost over the LCR...
  2. bronco

    Colt or Glock?

    I'm looking for a smaller carry gun than my Govt model, and was thinking a Colt Defender. I happened to be at Bass Pro Shop the other day and noticed a Glock 30 that I liked the fit of, and the fact that it holds 10 rounds. It also seems that the Glocks are easier to find, not to mention a few...
  3. bronco

    .22 magazine question

    I just bought a Ruger 22/45, and as I was looking at it, it occurred to me "how come no one makes a .22 with a double stack magazine?" Is it a mechanical or legal issue? It would be nice to have a .22 pistol with a 20-30 round magazine. Any thoughts about reason? John