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    Question for LEO

    I have a question for a LEO regarding ramifications of drawing my firearm in a given situation but not firing. I will provide an examplesof situations I am referring to: Someone pulls a lethal weapon such as a knife with an intent to rob or assault me or some innocent bystander. The person is...
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    Positive GA Leo Encounter

    I have been sitting here reading about good and bad LEO encounters and it encourages me to share my own. My own happened about 6 ago. The night the war in Iraq started to be exact. Back in those days I was all about the import lifestyle so I was driving a black Honda Civic with modified head and...
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    question on restaurants

    I have a question that I have not seen a clear answer to. My instructor advised our class that any restaurant that serves alcohol on the premises is off limit for conceal carry. However, the SC laws I have read only refer to establishments that obtain anymore than 50% of their revenue from...