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    Planet Fitness

    My local Planet Fitness in central NC has "no weapons" signed posted, and the sign specifies "concealed included"!
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    Sig for Lefties

    Good Afternoon, I currently carry a 938 with an ambi safety. I'm looking to satisfy the n+1 theory on gun ownership so I have been shooting several guns at the range! I really like the 229, and I have also enjoyed the 226 and 220. I also really enjoy the 1911s I've taken out (Sig, Kimber...
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    4" or 5" 1911 - Conceal Carry

    I understand that there are nothing but opinions, and that is exactly what I am looking for... Good Afternoon, I'm a rookie - a shooting and CCW rookie. I've been shooting recreationally for 4 or 5 years, but only carrying concealed for 1. I currently carry and am VERY happy with a p938! A...
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    Breathable IWB Holster

    I have been looking around for an IWB holster made with a "breathable" layer against the skin. My apologies if I missed a Thread about this... AlienGear has a "neoprene" layer, and all of the options with leather, but I'm looking/picturing a breathable option. Some type of foam/padding with a...
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    Starbucks now Neutral

    Good Morning, Starbucks, at least the 2 I use in the Triad area of NC, have removed their stickers and the local manager identifies as "neutral"! Now if I could just enjoy a cigar while drinking coffee!