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    Okay, so I pulled and watched the video...she DOES specify that it is a SLIDE FIRE stock that is legal and makes it "ACT LIKE" a fully automatic weapon. I DO NOT like Fienstien any more than any one else on here...but let's not also engage in mis information. She's an IDIOT with rainbow...
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    Men's fire hose presentation jacket

    I stumbled across this.... It looks casual enough and rather mundane until they review the inside of the jacket. I may have to get one of these. It looks like it might be the ideal conceal carry "jacket". They have a review video. MN Fire Hose Presentation Jacket - Duluth Trading Does anyone...
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    Florida Permit

    Did anyone else's picture come backing looking about 10 times worse than the one they sent in? GOOD LORD my is TERRIBLE lol
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    Picked up my new favorite gun today....

    This one.... Link Removed And This one.... Link Removed Of course it's my favorite, until I get the next
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    Picked up my new favorite gun today....

    I brought home the LONG saved for HK45c....Lovely piece of hardware...can't wait to get her to the range, most likely tomorrow morning, why wait right? Just thought I'd share...Now the wait is on for the holsters to arrive...
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    Tracking Down a Holster for XDm 3.8 9mm

    I don't own it yet, but I'm heavily leaning this's the best of both....I like their auto hood for OWB as well.... Link Removed
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    Mailed in my FL Application Yesterday

    Okay, I posted this in the FL forum, but only one response in two days, so I'm hoping for more help here.... First, does it really take 90 days? Second, to clarify, you can't carry into any restaurant that sells alcohol or do you just have to stay out of the bar area? Any other tips for...
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    Mailed my application today...a couple of quick follow up's

    First, does it really take 90 days? Second, to clarify, you can't carry into any restaurant that sells alcohol or do you just have to stay out of the bar area? Any other tips for avoiding breaking the law? I think I've got the basics, as with most states, no schools, court rooms etc. There...
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    Recommended IWB Holster XD 40 Subcompact

    I'm going to be ordering one of these SOON, after a lot of research, This one is very thin, and I really like the leather lining! Link Removed
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    Springfield XD vs. XDM

    I have the XDM 9mm compact, I think it was worth the extra $100.00 for $10.00 you can order the Talon grips, WAY worth $10.00 shipped! I went 9mm for low cost shooting and I prefer 9mm, but that wasn't your question. I'd go XDM...If I had it to do over again, I'd have gone the XDM .45...
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    Training Class Requirement

    Hello from the arctic circle of MN....I read and understand all of the non-resident permit information except I didn't see one piece clearly stated. For a FL non-resident permit I need to provide proof of training. I have that but it's been over a year. I also have a MN carry permit. Does...
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    Taking off jacket and exposing CCW...

    I read through this extensively today, NO WHERE did I see hospitals or clinics listed and you CAN open carry in you should have no issues at all.... Link Removed
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    WI CCW Question (Businesses and Signs)

    Okay I asked this in another thread and only got one reply and I'm still a little confused.... Here is the law from the WI DOJ website: Can a business or property owner limit or prohibit the carrying of concealed weapons on its premises? Yes. The law permits certain owners and occupants of...
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    Another Positive LEO Run In

    I forgot to post this until now. I was in a minor fender bender last Saturday, not my fault. I drive a company car so I had to call the police. As I was sitting there waiting, I decided it would be a good idea to unarm myself since I would most likely be out of the car and walking around. I...
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    New Stun Gun

    I saw a question on this already, sort of, that person was looking for a taser or stun gun. I am looking for simply a stun gun. I've googled them and seen them ranging from $35.00 to $75.00 all the way up to a few hundred. I'm looking for a very compact model, I've seen some about the size of...
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    Carry at a Vikings, Wolves, Wild Games?

    Can you carry at any of these events? I'm guessing no as they have stepped up pat downs when you enter...
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    Gander Mountain Academy

    Has anyone else used the Gander Mountain simulation ranges? I recently used one and I was not impressed. There are positives, you can shoot 180 degrees or 300 degrees and it is slightly more accurate and realistic than say Big Buck Hunt at the local watering hole, BUT it is VERY expensive for...
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    Open Top Or Thumb Break w/explanation

    I posted this in one other forum, but I'm looking for multiple opinions... I'm looking into OWB holsters....(Concealed) What I'm wondering is should I go thumb break (which I'm leaning toward) or open top? I really don't want this to turn into a "you should try this holster topic" but I'll...
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    Privately Selling A Handgun

    From anyone that's done it, I live in MN (if that matters), do I need to fill out any paperwork or can I just put an ad in the paper and sell it to anyone interested? I do believe there is a "transfer" paperwork sheet from the local PD I can get but I don't know if I have to use it. Thank you....
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    Springfield XDM Compact .40 (Release Date)

    I emailed Springfield to inquire as to when this may be coming out expecting to get the standard, "We don't currently have plans blah blah blah...." Well turns out, it's coming out in February....NICE!!! I will be getting one ASAP! Just thought some of you may like to know! Have a good day....