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    Do you inform the tour guide at Niagra Falls that you are carrying?

    This video raises an important question. When visiting Niagra Falls, do you inform the tour guide that you are carrying?
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    Concealed carry during baptism

    Here is an interesting concealed carry question. If your religious affiliation practices full body immersion baptism, the kind where they dunk you in the pool not just sprinkle some water on your forehead, how do you carry during your baptism?
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    Do you inform the Payday Lender that you are carrying?

    Here is a good question for discussion. When taking out a Payday Loan, do you inform the lender that you are carrying?
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    Do you notify the front desk person at a hotel that you have a CCW Permit?

    Here's a good question to mull over. Since being a hotel desk attendant is probably a more dangerous, and lower paid job than law enforcement, do you inform the front desk when checking into a hotel that you have a CCW permit?