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  1. mini.ben

    Need help citing credible sources for a paper

    Hi guys! A good friend of mine is writing a paper for her English Class about "Does Concealed Carry Lower Crime Rates?" Obviously everyone here knows they do...but I need outside sources that aren't blogs or forum discussion that she can cite in her paper. Any help you guys can provide will...
  2. mini.ben

    Considering a move to Nevada

    Out of the blue, I'm exploring a job opportunity outside of Las Vegas. I'm a Resident Permit holder in Virginia. On another website, it says Nevada honors Virginia Permits, but it doesn't on here, and I'm not really sure which one is more current. I really could use a bit of help sorting out...
  3. mini.ben

    Senators Attempt To Override VA Gov's Vetoes

    Link Removed Write your local delegates about overriding the veto on this one! Our reps need to hear from us.
  4. mini.ben

    Virginia Passes SB 1035 Restaurant Carry, Rejects SB 1257 Private Gun Sales Ban

    Link Removed Killed the bill... only hope now is to get the House and Senate to override the veto. The General Assembly convenes April 8th guys... so get out there and write your local reps in the State Senate! Each and every one...
  5. mini.ben

    Travel to Florida from Virginia-flying...

    As a Virginia CHP holder, am I able to transport by plane and carry concealed in FL without any extra paperwork? I can look up the flying rules no problem, I'm just curious if I should bother for my time down there... Thanks in advance to anyone that's knowledgeable on the subject.
  6. mini.ben

    Took the wife shooting...

    ... and that woman is a crack shot! My wife has taken an interest in shooting finally... recognizing she's a more likely target than I am and we're not always together for me to protect her. So we went to the range tonight with a buddy of mine, and between the two of us we had a Buckmark .22 ...
  7. mini.ben

    My first carry experience

    Contentment.... my permit arrived at the courthouse on last Tuesday, exactly 2 weeks after I completed my application process. So, in lieu of having a new CCW handy yet, I opted to take a crack at carrying my S&W K-frame Model 19-4 with a 2" barrel. I had a Bianchi pancake holster OWB belt...
  8. mini.ben

    New Member Howdy

    Hello everyone... I'm new to USA Carry, and also soon to be a CCW permit holder in Norfolk, Virginia. (I completely my application just recently) I've been reading just as much as my brain can absorb online in figuring out what gun to buy, which holster style and/or brand to purchase, and more...