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  1. thomasres

    what Taurus model is the same as the s and w model 10

    what Taurus model is the same as the s and w model 10 thanks for any help
  2. thomasres


    wanted some input on the the kahr any one carry one use one what do u thank of these guns
  3. thomasres

    walther pps or Springfield Armory XD subcompact

    Ok i am looking at buying a new cc gun cant decide witch one to get walther pps or Springfield XD subcompact both come in 9mm and 40sw cal does not matter want to here from others who have and carry these guns.
  4. thomasres

    Concealed Weapons Permit Class

    Concealed Weapons Permit Class July 18, 2009 8am till 5pm A SC CWP class will be held at Fairview Baptist Church in the Fellowship Hall. The whole course will be done in one day and last 8 hours. ITEMS NEEDED ARE: * DRIVERS LIC. OR STATE ISUED PICTURE I.D. * IF YOU HAVE EYE AND EAR...
  5. thomasres

    look at this no ccw sign

    i found this on a door at a local business
  6. thomasres

    Indian reservation

    Ok does any one know if u can ccw on a Indian reservation ?