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    Laser Bore Sighter

    What is a good and inexpensive laser boresighter for a Marlin 30-30 cal rifle. I'm sure this topic has been discussed here on the forum....and if you could reference the discussion so I can check it out. thanks.
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    Browning Depose

    I have access to purchasing a Browning Depose (#323501) Sabrique Nationale D'Arms de Guerre Herstal-Belgique. Not sure the caliber (maybe a 25?) or the value. Can anyone help? Mfg'd I think sometime around WW-ll.
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    Ammo for 1880's S&W

    Help!!! I inherited a late 1880's, S&W Model 3, Second American Model, 44 Cal. I'm trying to find some black powder ammo for this six shooter. One response from my research indicates there are about "about thirty 44 caliber revolver cartridges" ......"send us a chamber cast". ??? I...