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    Horizontal Or Vertical Mag Carrier?

    I am trying to decide whether to buy a horizontal or vertical mag holder for my EDC Glock G17 Gen 4. I have looked at the site a few times which sells a horizontal mag holder. I think a horizontal mag holder would lay right into my belt line and I think it would be more...
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    Should I Help A Stranger In Trouble?

    I have had my Conceal Carry License for 3 months. On the various Glock and gun forums that I belong to, I read many threads and posts referring to news stories telling of good samaritan CC people drawing their gun to help a stranger in trouble by shooting the bad guy or holding him until the...
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    Electronic Ear Muff Question

    I have a question about the gunshot sound attenuation with Electronic Ear Muffs when used at an indoor range. I purchased Howard Leight Impact Pro electronic muffs with a NRR of 30 dB for $64 and I was not happy with the way the muff "clamped" the sound of gunshots. I turned up the volume just...