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  1. shingman2

    Does It Give You away?

    I see a lot of interest on lazers and lights.My question is, do these things give the bad guy a heads up on where you are at the time.? Seems like in the dark it might give you away. What do you think?
  2. shingman2

    Is this legal?

    I went to pay my cable bill the other day and I looked on the front of glass and door to see if it had a sign on it to not allow conceal weapons. It did not, so I went in I was waiting in line to pay bill and to my surprise on the wall inside the building, it had no concealable weapons. Boy was...
  3. shingman2

    Taurus Brand

    I noticed that Taurus is comming out with the new slim line later this year. My question is what do you think of the Taurus brand? I know that the prices are not as high as some of the other brands on some products but over all what do you think of Taurus? Does,{ You get what you pay for apply...
  4. shingman2

    glock refurbished

    Does anyone know where I can find a factory refurbished glock online?
  5. shingman2


    This is a gun my grandfather left me before he died. I know its old but I think it would make a good backup. It needs reblueing and needs to be checked out before firing. I like the feel of it and the way it looks. Its a colt 32 Auto with a 1897 Patient on it. This will be my backup if it...
  6. shingman2

    870 conversion

    This is my 870 conversion. It feels good but I need to shoot it more to get use to it.
  7. shingman2

    colt 32 auto

    I have a colt 32 auto that my grandfather left me. It has a 1800 something patient on it and it seems to shoot crooked. I did notice that the slide on it is loose and maybe this could be the cause. Can this be heated up to cause it to expand a little to take the looseness out of it?
  8. shingman2

    your opinion

    Please tell me your opinion on the para-ordinance pistol! I,m looking into getting a small one. Thanks!
  9. shingman2

    Take class again!

    I was thinking about moving to Tennesee. Do I need to take the cwp class again when I do this or do I use my same license from SC.?
  10. shingman2


    Where is a good place to get my pistol Dura-coated?
  11. shingman2

    Can it be fixed?

    I have a old 32 Auto that is made by Colt. It is a auto and shoots very crooked. The slide is very loose and it needs reblueing. Can it be built up on the slide an made to shoot straight? I don,t know about the barrel. It has a 1800 pateint on it. Thanks!