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    To big and to much

    Just a moment ago I came across and article.. I have always heard that the 10mm handgun is to much firepower for a self defensive weapon of choice... I read that is how they come up with a 40 cal cartridge. Is that why that gentleman in california was prosecuted ?
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    Dream come true

    Wednesday I picked up my new handgun that I have been desiring to purchase. I purchased a FNS-40 and I love how it shoots, easy to clean an very concealable. I have own 1911s for many years .My 1st pistol was a hi-point 45 served its purpose, then a rock island 1911-45 and loved it, then SAXD 45...
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    credit card knife

    I purchased the credit card knife for 2.95 and was amazed how well it is put together and easy to use. I really like mine:smile
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    Legal protection

    I have always felt that I needed some kind of legal protection for my self defense. I was with a few before I found the best product for my money. the others limit up to 600,000.00. and reimbursement, 1 was not end the area of north Florida ,which I found out after I paid my dues, then the other...