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  1. ArmsVault

    OKAY! What if this happened in the USA?

    I read a book called Link Removed, by William Forstchen. In the book, the United States is attacked by someone using an EMP. Anything that runs on electricity is toast. This book is INCREDIBLY eye opening. I read it about a 1.5 years ago, and I still think about it often. I've talked to...
  2. ArmsVault

    Gun Tshirt... I Must Be a Redneck?

    I had something happen this weekend that I have never really experienced... I went to the store and was wearing a t-shirt with my company name/logo on it. ""... As I was in line, I started to overhear the lady behind me talking to her kids about my shirt. It didn't take long to...
  3. ArmsVault

    G19 Holsters

    CrossBreed has been a long time supporter of our sites, so I may be a bit biased..... but, that being said, we did a review of their Super Tuck and really liked it. In fact, we STILL like it. In our review we used a G23. You can find the review at: Link Removed