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  1. ingrahmm

    The Miligram Experiment - decadent obedience and authority

    It’s amazing that many LEOs scoff at citizens’ concern that police are becoming increasingly militant against them. The internet is replete with ‘caught-on-camera’ examples of police using unnecessary force against detained persons in relatively benign situations; police using language to...
  2. ingrahmm

    America - no chance of ever uniting again, it is 100% over

    The last time the American people coalesced to fight against government was the Civil War; the CSA. The cause, right or wrong, cannot be disputed to have been a demonstrable stand of 11 states against the USA. We need this dynamic again against a Marxist Manchurian Candidate-type despot, Obama...
  3. ingrahmm

    Mandela - just another Marxist

    Lemmings ignore history and facts – just hop on the popularity train, especially under the hypnosis of music and flowery words. Mandela was an anarchist-Marxist and deserved to be imprisoned. Many died unnecessarily due to his anarchy. He, like Obama, was a student of Vladimir Lenin and Karl...