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    State Attorneys General Letter, June 11, 2009, to U. S. AG

    From: Link Removed 23 State Attorneys General To Attorney General Holder: "No Semi-Auto Ban" Friday, June 12, 2009 On June 11, the top law enforcement officials of nearly half the states signed a letter to U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder, expressing their opposition to reinstatement of the...
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    BDR-138 "Any semi auto" BDR DEAD

    BDR-138 (Asm Settelmeyer) was to makes various changes re: firearms. This bill WAS to be the "fix" to give Nevadans "any semi auto" just like we currently have "any revolver" on CCW permits. Unfortunately, the bill is DEAD - for reasons not totally known to me at this time. I am very...
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    AB-288 (Castle Doctrine bill) in Jeopardy

    AB-288 (Castle Doctrine) is in jeopardy of not even receiving a committee hearing to discuss the merits of the bill. AB-288 is a good bill and deserves your support. As introduced, AB-288 states that if you use deadly force and (a) are not the agressor, (b) have a right to be present where...
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    AJR-15 - Sovereignty bill

    Assembly Joint Resolution 15 was recently introduced in the Nevada Assembly. AJR-15 is a very good bill and deserves our support. AJR-15 status & history: Link Removed Full text of AJR-15, as introduced: Vote/Share your opinion...
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    AB-288 - Castle Doctrine for Nevada

    It has been said in the past that Nevada law on this subject isn't too bad, but NEEDS to be improved. Well, Assemblyman Harry Mortenson (Clark Co, District 42) has introduced AB-288. See Asm Mortenson's legislative biography here...
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    NV AB-246 - Mentor Hunter Bill

    NRA and SFA Alert! See AB-246 here: Link Removed
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    Nye County Sheriff Does It Again

    Once again, Nye County Sheriff Tony DeMeo refuses to follow Nevada law. Via telephone on July 28, 2008, Sheriff DeMeo told me he would NOT accept our sheriff's certification of our CCW instructor even if our sheriff himself sends the certification. DeMeo said he wanted to see our instructor's...
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    NV CCW Permit Holders Forum

    The Nevada Sheriffs & Chiefs Ass'n will host a NV CCW permit holders forum date on September 10, 2008. Time 1:30 p.m. (Note this was originally scheduled for August 5, but recently changed to September 10.) This year the event will be hosted in Las Vegas with a videoconference link to...
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    Nye Co Sheriff and CCW/NICS

    As you know, NV CCW permittees lost their NICS exemption on July 1, 2008. Nye County Nevada Sheriff Tony DeMeo issued a press released entitled "To All Citizens Concerned About the CCW Exemption" - read it here: To All Citizens Concerned About the CCW Exemption Sheriff DeMeo says he and the...
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    CCW Permittees LOSE NICS Exemption

    Link Removed and brief history of the issue: Link Removed
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    POLL - NV CCW Permit Fees

    In order to obtain a Nevada CCW permit, one must first obtain training, usually at a cost of $80 to $125. Then one must pay $40.25 for fingerprinting and a $60 application fee to the sheriff. Add ammunition costs (for qualification shooting) and the total cost for obtaining a CCW permit can...
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    CCW in Nevada - POLL

    New poll at Link Removed Nevada's current "shall issue" CCW permit system has been in place since 1995. In Vermont (since statehood) and Alaska (since 2003), any law abiding citizen of the United States (not otherwise prohibited from possessing firearms) may carry concealed without a CCW...
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    CCW Confidentiality in Douglas Co, Nevada

    The following letter has been sent: Sheriff Pierini admits that NRS 202.3662 makes CCW APPLICANTS' info confidential. But he thinks that since the law doesn't specify PERMITTEES, he can release PERMITTEES' info. Of course, that defies logic. If the applicant's name is confidential, how can...