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  1. kgibbs63

    Carry Concealed in all 50 states

    If I wanted to carry in all 50 states, which permits would I need? I have an appointment to drop off my Ohio CHL application today, which is my home state. Gonna go for Florida next. Sent from my LG-VS985 using Tapatalk
  2. kgibbs63

    Question about a restrictions related to a CCW permit denial

    I was denied a CCW permit in 2011 due to a charge of aggrevated menacing from my teens (2006). I managed to get the same thing in 2012 (another charge for the same thing) both were heard in front of an Ohio magistrate and judge respectfully. If i was to apply for a non resident permit in Florida...
  3. kgibbs63

    Sticky Holster

    Anybody got an opinion on this brand of holster? Good or bad??? Please share your story... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk