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    Laser sights...

    Any recommendation or tips on zeroing in a laser sight? I bought my wife a Bodyguard 380 for Christmas, and she does very will using the iron sights, but when she uses the laser it's off center. I have tried to zero it in my placing he dot just above the front sight at 10 years, but even...
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    credit card knife

    Link Removed This is the credit card knife I am referring to, and I believe it's the same one OP is referring to. It cost a grand total of $2.95, and is sold by Survival Life, so yes, I suppose it is being portrayed at a defensive weapon. I bought it because I thought it was novel, so I guess...
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    A Vehicle Gun?

    Link Removed Gum Creek makes a nice vehicle mount holster that mounts to the panel under the steering wheel. Always there and concealed in plain site. I have one in my Jeep and it keeps my CCW right where I need it!
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    Old Ammo???

    Digging through the attic over my garage I found an old tin of .22LR ammo (about 300 rounds) and an ammo box full of 9mm ammo. The .22LR could be from around 1976, the 9mm from around 1999. The 9mm looks to be in good condition, the .22LR the lead bullets appear oxidized and are rough to the...