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    Evidendly, innocent until proven guilty does not apply anymore

    Thank you for all of your great responses. I was just about to start carrying again, then I ran across this article. Link Removed
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    Evidendly, innocent until proven guilty does not apply anymore

    Yes, I am a legally armed citizen. If ever have to use my weapon in self defense or to defend the life of another, I hope the person I have to fire at is not one of color. Now days, people are being judged heavily and harshly by the media, not the facts proven by a grand jury. Innocent until...
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    My favorite gun store ROBBED! GRRRR

    Hunters Refuge, Whitehall AR My favorite store where I buy all my firearms.Great people, great prices and selection. They are good people. I hate it that this has happened. I hope they catch these thugs, but them behind bars and throw away the keys. grrrrrrrrrr Link Removed
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    Favorite concealed carry pistol?

    What I carry depends on what I will be wearing for the day. The gun that offers the most concealment will be my choice. On a typical day, I wear jeans and a pull over shirt, tail out. On these days, I wear my G27 Gen 4 with an Alien Gear IWB. If I want something not as heavy on my hip, I will...
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    Since I got my CCL.....

    I used to wake up in the mornings thinking about what clothing I would be wearing for the day. Now, I wake up wondering which gun I am going to wear and what clothing conceals it well. I carry a Glock 17 or Ruger LCP.