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    Holster options for Springfield XD .40 Subcompact

    Question is in the title....the holster that comes with this pistol "leans" out and it is utterly obvious that I am carrying.
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    Out of State License...

    Does not exist in South Carolina. Sure, they call something that, but you have to own property in the state. STUPID!!!!!
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    A ban that I would welcome...

    THE DUMBEST THING I HAVE EVER WITNESSED....I seriously hope the government shuts this down. Guns That Look Like Toys Link Removed
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    Hey guys, ArmySoldier here. I was just looking for some input. I have a buddy in the navy (honest mistake) that I work with who is dying to get a 1911. However his wife is limiting the budget. I suggested a Kimber but was looking for some more options before I drag him to the couple of guns...
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    Maryland Concealed Carry Permit

    Or should I say the lack there of...I can't wait to get to move away from here!!!