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  1. HootenArmory

    Why I don't sell Diamondback firearms any more

    I am an FFL and SOT. I have decided not to offer Diamondback firearms for sale any longer. My business is built on customer service and I can not afford for my customers to endure the type of headache I just experienced with a Diamondback warranty claim. Before I was a dealer, I bought a...
  2. HootenArmory

    M855 Ammo Ban proposal dead, for now.

    The ATF has decided to shelve the M855 "armor piercing ammo" ban, at least for the time being: ATF shelves bullet ban proposal | TheHill
  3. HootenArmory

    Short barrels and long flash hiders

    Do any of you own a rifle with a barrel less than 16 inches with a permanently affixed long flash hider that makes the barrel long enough that is isn't a legal SBR? If so could you please tell me why you chose to go this route? I see them advertised all the time and have never understood the...