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    50 g.i. ?

    has anyone ever heard of or had any experience with the 50 g.i. round. i did a search on it and found out the g.i. stands for guncrafters industries, and from what i gather they make conversion kits for 1911's and glocks to make the in to a 50 cal. just wondering if anybody had one thanks
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    question about ammo

    this is only like my second post so bear with me i have a dumb question is there any difference between g.a.p. (glock auto pistol) and a.c.p. (auto colt pistol) is it just the name or what thanks
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    Robbery attempt ends in broken leg, arrest

    A man in a ski mask walked into a Dandridge pharmacy and robbed it of drugs at gunpoint. As he left, he tripped, broke his leg, and tried to crawl back to his car. He didn't make it. Dandridge Police and Jefferson County Sheriff's deputies have charged 30-year-old Justin E. Scott with...