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  1. FBMG Smithy

    M14 - M1A Rifles

    I’ve thought about writing on this subject for a while. In searching their history I found several good articles through out the net so I won’t take too much time with that. Let’s suffice it to say that everything started with John C. Garand and his celebrated M1 rifle. Post WWII there were...
  2. FBMG Smithy

    Pics of my Carbine

    I finally have the camo done and pics taken. So here they are. Link RemovedLink RemovedLink RemovedLink RemovedLink RemovedLink RemovedLink Removed
  3. FBMG Smithy

    Obama's Plan for our Guns

    Obama believes in change alright. A big part of that has to do with our gun rights and the 2nd Amendment in general. I just received my "American Rifleman" magazine today. In it is Obama's 10 point plan to "change" the 2nd amendment. The list is as follows: Ban use of firearms for home...
  4. FBMG Smithy

    FBMG Tactical Carbine Course

    I got to go to our carbine course this weekend. It was better than I thought it would be. Great drills. We all felt a bit humbled and came away with our share of stuff to work on. We also came away a lot more confident. Link Removed
  5. FBMG Smithy

    New M4

    Finally have my new M4 put together. I still intend to DuraCoat it some time but this looks great to me, for now. Link RemovedLink Removed
  6. FBMG Smithy

    FBMG Summer Training Scheduel

    Here is FBMG's summer scheduel. FBMG 48 E. 13200 S. Draper, UT 84020 801-571-1160 Pistol: August 9th at Global One Tactical Carbine: August 15th (FBMG classroom) August 16th at Global One Precision Rifle: September 12th (FBMG classroom) September 13th at Global One AR15 Armorer's: July 31...
  7. FBMG Smithy

    Check this out

    A friend of mine sent me this link that has really helped me out at work. They have great info on business, marketing, planning, ect. I've looked at a couple of the example feeds offered and they have already been a big help. So I recommend you guys check it out too. If you find it of as much...
  8. FBMG Smithy

    Walmart goes anti-gun

    This was posted over on schwarzi88 on OCOD wrote: sorry this is a lil late but i had some major stuff to take care of at my house...... Anyways, i was at the Walmart at 106th south and 5th west on thurs July 3rd around 8:30 PM when i was asked to leave ..... i was not even in...
  9. FBMG Smithy

    FBMG Saiga Conversions and Custom AK's

    FBMG now has it's Ak/Saiga program up and running. We are offering 4 conversion basic models and custom work by quote. The 4 conversion models are: Basic AK (your choice of wood or synthetic shock and handguard) Side Folder Galil Tapco Fusion PM or call the shop for pricing. FBMG 801-571-1160
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    Happy 4th everyone.
  11. FBMG Smithy

    New look for my M4

    Just had to show off the new look for my M4. Link Removed
  12. FBMG Smithy

    Wifes first pistol

    You guys have to see how great my wife's first pistol looks. Link Removed
  13. FBMG Smithy


    Just wanted to share some of my latest work. Link Removed Link Removed Link Removed Link Removed