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  1. cruzthepug

    New addition in 308

    I've had my eye out for a 308 to add to my collection and yesterday I was at Gander Mtn and they are having a Memorial Day (weekend) sale. They have new and used guns marked down, actually saw a few good buys. I had spotted this Thompson Center Icon several weeks ago but only glanced at it...
  2. cruzthepug

    New engraved LCP

    I was wanting to get a pocket gun to carry during the summer while wearing shorts. I went to my favorite shop this morning to check out what they had. I was really wanting a 9mm and was even thinking about a 9mm derringer. After talking to a couple of the sales guys and looking and handling...
  3. cruzthepug

    Montie Design AR-Rest review

    Montie Design sent me one of their new AR-Rest to try out. First thoughts out of the package were that it appears well-engineered and built. Very easy to assemble and set-up and feels very sturdy. The legs have an aggressive tread pattern on the bottom to keep from slipping and the rest also...
  4. cruzthepug

    Just for fun

    Got the camera out this afternoon killing time. Here's a few I liked. Enjoy.... Link Removed
  5. cruzthepug

    Home Alone

    My wife is out of town working and the kids are on spring break so I'm sitting at home alone with my 3 pugs. Bored, I dragged everything out of the safe for a photo shoot. My collection..........:triniti:
  6. cruzthepug

    Wife's new 9mm

    Since getting my wife into shooting last year she has really started getting pretty good. Starting out she had problems shooting my semi autos. She had problems racking the slide and just couldn't get use to the recoil but she could shoot my revolvers pretty good. I bought her a S&W .38 for her...
  7. cruzthepug

    A couple of new additions

    About a month ago I picked up a CZ452 .22 bolt action rifle and afte one trip to the range fell in love with it. The quality of the CZ is top knotch and compared to other .22's I looked at the difference is amazing. All the others felt like toys in your had while the 452 feels nice and solid...
  8. cruzthepug

    New Zastava PAP has arrived

    My first entry into the rilfe game. Getting it dirty tomorrow :biggrin:
  9. cruzthepug

    Added to the collection today...

    It had been a while since I added anything to my collection. Next Friday is my B-day so I thought I would treat myself. I picked up this FNP-45 today. Link Removed It goes well with my FNP-9 As far as that goes it fits pretty well with my whole collection :sarcastic:
  10. cruzthepug

    Hard to to shoot

    Picked up this little beauty this afternoon while I was at the shop picking up my new Fusion 1911 frame I'm using in a custom build. This gun was a consignment and priced waaaay too cheap to pass up.
  11. cruzthepug

    Birthday present for my wife

    I've had a couple of thread on different forums about a gun for my wife. This had been quite a long process deciding on what she liked and what the actual intended use would be, range gun or carry. At first we were looking in the small 9mm range, then after shooting my 1911 she thought that's...
  12. cruzthepug

    New Springfield Champion Operator

    Picked up this little guy last weekend. I've had it to the range once and so far I really like it. After it gets broke in it may serve duty as my night stand gun with the light attached.
  13. cruzthepug

    First revolver

    My collection is growing and after looking at what I have I did not have a revolver. So, I had been kinda looking for a .357 not with anything exact in mind. Yesterday I had stopped by Gander Mtn and they had a Taurus M616 Titanium .357 on clearance and just too good to pass up. Can't wait to...
  14. cruzthepug

    New Family Photo

    After some recent purchases I finally got around to taking a new family photo. :biggrin: Link Removed
  15. cruzthepug

    Walther PPS holster

    I'm looking for a IWB holster for my PPS. I've got a Crossbreed that I use with my 3" Kimber to carry most days, and love it. But, I afraid that this summer it will be too big to use while wearing shorts. So, my thoughts are to carry my PPS on those days. I first thought it would be much lighter...
  16. cruzthepug

    Tax time....

    I had been wanting to ad a Beretta 92FS to my collection so I thought when I got my tax return I would try to make that happen. Well, it happened plus some. My pair of new Beretta's, 92FS and a 9000S
  17. cruzthepug

    What would you do?

    This kinda goes along with the "Get involved or mind your own" thread and not to hijack it, how about this situation. A local trial and reading the above thread got me thinking. In the local case there was a couple sitting at the bar a TGI Fridays when another individual enters, walks past and a...
  18. cruzthepug

    New Walther PPS

    I had been kinda in the market for a small single stack 9mm and the PPS was on my short list. I got my taxes done and sent off yesterday and I thought I would do some shopping today. I noticed that on Walther's website the MSRP is now over $700 so I though I should strike before all the price...
  19. cruzthepug

    Conceal Carry?

    I finally got my carry permit yesterday. I had bought a Kimber Ultra Carry II to use as my CCW, along with a IWB High Noon Holsters Split Decision. I'm 6'3", 185lbs with a fairly slender build. I didn't think the Ultra Carry would be that had to conceal. I had been playing around with different...
  20. cruzthepug

    22lr vs. Kimber conversion

    While at the range today a couple of guys were shooting 22's and were having great fun. So, my question is. Which would be the best option. Buy a pretty nice 22 plinker or the Kimber 22lr conversion kit for my full size Kimber? Either could be had for ~$300. Anyone tried the conversion kit? How...