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  1. civilian75

    Puerto Rico is "shall issue"

    I found out today that Puerto Rico is a "shall issue" territory (go figure!). It seems it has been for a handful of years (2005?) but, have not been able to confirm. I would like to see the CCW Reciprocity Map webpage updated. Is it possible to also have the tiny P.R. map added as well? It...
  2. civilian75

    Russian Message to Americans: Do not give up your guns

    This is a most-read! I hate to admit that I got to agree even with their insulting intro. Get the rest here: Mat Rodina Re-prints here: Americans never give up your guns - English Americans never give up your guns - English
  3. civilian75

    In the Aftermath of Two Shootings - (The Elephant in the Room)

    Sheriff Garrett nailed it on the head. What can I add? Let's keep our guns secure!
  4. civilian75

    If someone starts shooting in public, should I shoot back?

    In times like this, never hurts to go over the basics. From The Oregon Washington County Sheriff Office: