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  1. HueMan

    How to clean AR15 direct impingement gas system?

    Word of caution on asking someone in the military...make sure they are Infantry! Here's what I do and I never have a FTF or Fire! Use a CFC free brake cleaner and spray down all parts and the gas tube and let sit for a few minutes. Make sure you have proper ventilation and are not near any...
  2. HueMan

    Castle Doctrine Doesn't Apply in Low Country

    Just my thoughts here but after the police have cleared you from self defense and Castle Doctrine, you are supposed (key word supposed) to be immune from Civil lawsuits. Apparently this does not apply the same in the Low Country as evidenced by this news article. Family of man killed during...
  3. HueMan

    check out this map!!!!!!

    Great Map, thanks for the 411. Here are a couple that I like to follow Link Removed Radiation Network Link Removed <--- I follow this one everyday for the New Madrid Fault